eLTE Safe City / Public Safety Infrastructure Solutions

eLTE Safe City / Public Safety Infrastructure Solutions

More than 10,000 fires occurred around the world each day. More than 200 magnitude 6 or higher earthquakes occur around the world each year. Every day, we don’t know when will disaster comes and some major events or unfortunate events may happen. In events like these, how can responders coordinate quickly? How can a police, a firefighter or a medic responds quickly when public communications are down?


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Body Worn Camera Total Solution System

Our total solution of 4G wireless transmission include the body worn
camera, which support built-in 4G/3G/2G Auto Sensing, WIFI and GPS; Center server software and WEB client software.

This builds an intelligent and efficient system for police law enforcement; real-time, fast-response, dispatching and command system; professional integration of police management system; and a safe and stable data service and management platform.

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Video Analytics for a Smart City

Surveillance cameras is so useful and it’s been widely used for auxiliary management and anti-terrorism security all over the world. When there is an incidence, the monitoring process of the surveillance video is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Whether it is event precaution, real-time monitoring in the matter, or security analysis in hindsight. Furthermore, large amount of video data are lost without effective information extraction, resulting in the inefficiency of the existing video surveillance systems.

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Barangay and Police Clearance System

Our “one-stop-shop” clearance system for Mayor, Barangay and Police Clearance can facilitate the maintenance of records regarding criminal and civil cases as well as records of clearances issued by a client Local Government Unit. This significantly eliminates the need for an applicant to go to three different government offices, fall into long lines, and wait for several days for the clearances issuance.

It organizes records in a way that makes it easily retrievable and allows cross-reference checking both in the clearance and revenue collection function. It registers reliable client information and captures the client fingerprint using biometric.

User-friendly feature enables easy searching of records depending on chosen parameters. User-friendly design using comprehensive menus facilitates utilization of application features.

It uses HD webcam for capturing the client image in registration for mayor, police and barangay clearance. Prints requested clearances of the client and ID cards can also be issued.

Digital Composite Sketch

SketchCop®Solutions provides best-in-class forensic facial imaging solutions for law enforcement, related government agencies, military, intelligence, private security and academics. Our products not only increases the speed and enhance the accuracy of facial images, they also help law enforcement reduce investigative cycle times, saving them time and money.

Depending on their requirements, we can offer clients advanced investigative facial identification solutions. Especially when there’s an urgent need to identify suspects, including images taken from video surveillance cameras.

For those seeking a software-driven solution for creating facial composites, we offer SketchCop® Facial Composite System Software, a subscription-free digital composite sketch software program.

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