Body Worn Camera Total Solution System

Body Worn Camera Total Solution System provides you the most efficient, intelligent and reliable law enforcement tool used to make an accurate documentation of a police-public encounters, collecting important evidences and maintaining public trust.

All the enforcement activities can be monitor by the control center remotely. Some activities like Emergency responses, Event control, Special duty, Security of site, Environmental monitoring, Safety maintenance, and many more.

This can be used by police officers or any other law enforcers to record events. This may help to avoid complaints of police misconduct, provide protection for officers and citizens, and provide accurate gathered evidence.

BWC Total Solution System can do:

  • Live Audio/Video Monitoring with live GPS location

  • Live Commanding. Monitoring Center can send SMS and picture to different group or single officer remotely.

  • Voice call. The officer can do the voice call to each other as long as it is connected to center server.

  • Emergency Response. The officer can press the emergency button to upload the live info to the monitoring center, report situation or ask for help.


Body Camera


Docking Stations


  • Backup automatically > When the BWC connects to docking station, it will backup all the files automatically.
  • Empty data automatically > When all the data has been exported, the storage will be empty automatically.
  • Priority backup > Priority backup port for the immediately backup at any time.
  • Data sync backup > Support 24 channel data backup simultaneously, no speed reduce.
  • Fast backup > 16 channels 16GB data can be backup in 70 minutes, 24 channels can be finished in 110 minutes.
  • Fast recharge>24 channel camera can be fully charged in 5 hours.
  • Security > Only authorized people can access to the docking station for backup, search and other operations.
  • Big capacity storage > Support 8 HDD at most, each one can be 6TB.



  • 10 inches touch screen with resolution of 1280*1024
  • Support 8 channel camera for backup and recharge.
  • Android system supported.
  • Support 1GB Ethernet port for data uploading.
  • Fast data export and battery recharge.
  • Support upload data to the center FTP server automatically, no need local buffer.

Monitoring Center

With 4G body camera, center server, and then we can build a monitoring center to achieve different features, through the WEB client interface.



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