eLTE Safe City / Public Safety Infrastructure Solutions

More than 10,000 fires occurred around the world each day. More than 200 magnitude 6 or higher earthquakes occur around the world each year. Every day, we don’t know when will disaster comes and some major events or unfortunate events may happen. In events like these, how can responders coordinate quickly? How can a police, a firefighter or a medic responds quickly when public communications are down?

eLTE Safe City/ Public Safety Infrastructure Solutions offers Robust networking, Ensuring communications Anytime, Anywhere.


This is solution can help responders coordinate quickly.  It integrates the functions of a Core Network (CN) device, base station, and dispatching system into a compact chassis. Ideal for rapid deployment in the field where limited coverage area is sufficient. eLTE core network functions — dispatcher, RF transmitter, antennae, and power supply — are included and preconfigured for quick and easy installation. Ideal for locations where the public communications network is down or events and emergency situations experience weak signals.

  • Fast Deployment – can be deployed in 15 minutes.
  • Flexible Networking – Hierarchical Networking, Supports satellite, fiber and other ways of backhaul.
  • Outstanding Performance
  • Professional and Durable
  • Conforms to military-level reinforcement standard


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